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I’ve been into fitness for the majority of my adult life, some would say, obsessed.

I don’t disagree, I was super obsessive during my days of intense bodybuilding – supplements, nutrition, training – I researched these areas fanatically, to optimise them for maximum results.

If I wasn’t at the gym, I’d be home meticulously researching my next workout and supplement stack.

Though I don’t purse any bodybuilding goals now, I do still lift weights and keep myself fit. That will always be a part of my life. Being strong, fit, and healthy is crucial.

With over 20 years in the industry of fitness and bodybuilding, I’ve built a wealth of information, that I’m passing onto others.

I know the supplement industry inside and out, and when it comes to exercise equipment, I know how these machines work.

So, I created this website – Fitness Gear Expert in 2019 to help guide consumers to the best products for their specific needs. I lead a small UK based team of fitness enthusiast. Together, we create buying guides and review products on strength, fitness, and supplement products, to help consumers make informed purchase decisions.

An exciting delivery from Bulk Powders for the team to dig into

Case in point – You’re looking for a good whey protein powder, so you jump online to see what’s out there. Pretty quickly, you’re completely overwhelmed by the vast options available, we’re talking hundreds of products to sift through.

Well, I’ve been there, and I know how difficult this decision can be.

I created fitnessgearexpert.co.uk because people like you, could use the help from people like me to point you in the direction of the best product, so you don’t end up wasting money on junk that doesn’t work.

Maybe you want to build a home gym. That can be an expensive endeavour – but very worth it – if you buy the right products. Again, with my years of passionate expertise in this area, I can help.

People are busy, and gym memberships are getting expensive. It’s little wonder that people looking to stay in shape are turning to getting their own home exercise equipment.

A home gym is a wise choice, you’d be surprised at how little space you really need, and you don’t need a ton of equipment to get set up. My home gym consists of an adjustable workout bench, large hex dumbbell set, and a cross trainer – that’s it.

Our primary goal with the content we publish here is to assist with your fitness equipment and supplement selections – you’re in good hands.

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