5 Best Weight Gainer Shakes for Skinny Guys and Hardgainers

Skinny guys and girls often have this misconception that they won’t ever be able to put on any substantial muscle mass. Labelled as “hard gainers”, they blame their lack of results on genetics.

Yet time and again people have proven these sceptics wrong. I’m living proof that, with possibly the worst genetics for building mass, yet I was able to build head turning muscle and become one of the most respected go-to guys at my local gym.

Sure, being a skinny weakling (ectomorph) with a fast metabolism might mean you can’t put on mass as fast as other genetically gifted guys (mesomorph), naturally at least. But that doesn’t mean you can’t put on a good amount of lean muscle mass in a reasonable time!

To help accelerate your progress, you need plenty of protein and a calorie surplus. Now, getting all your calorie requirements from food alone is not always easy – that’s where weight gainer protein shakes can help.

Weight gainers are designed to help those who struggle to put on weight, to put on weight. They provide a deliberate high number of calories alongside a wide range of macronutrients to further assist with the growth of muscle mass, but what is the best weight gainer for us skinny guys and girls looking to increase mass?

Here’s Our Top 5 Picks…

1. Reflex Nutrition Instant Mass Heavyweight

Reflex - best weight gainer shake

You might have noticed that we’re big fans of Reflex Nutrition, that’s because they intelligently design all of their products to the highest standards from their own state-of-the-art manufacturing facility in the UK, and only use the best ingredients.

We recently reviewed some of the best all in one protein powders, and ranked Reflex in the top spot. Again, Reflex Nutrition leads the way with their nutrient packed weight gainer – Instant Mass Heavyweight.
Let’s explore what this special supplement has to offer.

  • Per 300g Serving:
  • Kcal: 1,089
  • Protein: 60g
  • Carbs: 195g
  • Fat: 5.7g
  • Also Includes: 18 Vitamins and Minerals, including A, B6, B12, D, and C. Contains Zinc, Iron, and DeltaGold tocotrienols, Creatine and Lactospore for gut health.

The primary reason to use a weight gainer is for the extra calories they provide. Reflex Instant Mass Heavyweight provides a monster >1,000 calories per serving, the bulk of which coming from around 200g of complex carbohydrates, in the form of Wheat, Oat Flour, and Maltodextrin.

You get a hefty portion of mixed proteins from grass-fed cows. As you may know, whey starts its life as milk before it goes through a process to produce various types of whey powder. One of the things I love about
Reflex Nutrition, is that they only use milk sourced from grass-fed cows, over corn-fed cows.

Further, Reflex never use cheap and inferior soy protein, only the finest whey protein, so you’re always getting the healthiest protein containing the most muscle building branch chain amino acids.

Designed to help hard gainers, the foundation of Reflex Instant Mass Heavyweight is built on quality proteins and carbohydrates to give a high-calorie, high-carb, protein packed shake to boost muscle mass. A blend of vitamins, minerals, and creatine are added to support training and recover, and is topped-off with digestive enzymes to ensure maximum absorption.

And of course, it’s available in a range of 5 great tasting flavours, and mixes beautifully into a great tasting shake. It’s also perfectly suitable for vegetarians and is Aspartame free.

Now this, is what you want from a weight gainer protein powder – no corners cut, just the best ingredient in the perfect quantity, formulated into a delicious shake designed for the hard gainer.

2. PhD Advanced Mass Weight Gainer

PhD Mass Gainer
  • Per 300g (3 scoops) Serving:
  • Kcal: 1,145
  • Protein: 49g
  • Carbs: 188g
  • Fat: 17g
  • Also Includes: 5g of creatine monohydrate, MCT oil and Flaxseed. L-Leucine and essential amino acids. Minerals Zinc and Magnesium.

Like Reflex Nutrition, PhD is also a very well-known supplement brand in the UK, and one of my personal favourites. They specialise in protein supplements, and various others to assist gym-goers and athletes with building muscle mass and improving performance. Their products are not only found and purchased directly from their website, but you may also find their products in your local supermarkets as they are a strong, trustworthy brand.

PhD has formulated and delivered to us one of the planets most fantastic weight gainers – Advanced Mass! There’s a reason this product has become one of their best-selling products, let’s take a look at some!

Advanced mass is very calorically dense. As a hard gainer, consuming enough food to put on some real size can be difficult, and preparing many meals to accommodate this can be a chore in itself. PhD Advanced Mass delivers more than 1,100 calories per shake to give you that large hit of calories with ease.

This weight gainer powder packs a punch with 50g of quality proteins coming from four premium sources – whey concentrate, whey isolate,
Micellar Casein, and whole egg – means you’re getting plenty of amino acids to maximize muscle growth.

PhD selected three great carb sources for this high calorie weight gainer, which are Oat flour, Maltodextrin, and Waxy Maize. Some of the cheaper weight gainers will use dextrose and sugar which would result in a less than ideal high sugar profile. But you’re in good hands with PhD, as their carb blend is low in sugar, coming in at just 6g per serving.

With an excellent blend of proteins and carbs at its core, and enhanced with Creatine, MTC and Flaxseed, this high calorie weight gainer shake is perfecting for struggling hard gainers who want the best.

3. The Protein Works Total Mass Matrix Extreme (…Sounds like Serious Stuff)

  • Per Serving of 265g:
  • Kcal: 965
  • Protein: 55g
  • Carbs: 161g
  • Fat: 13g
  • Also Includes: Blend of vitamins and minerals, creatine Mono, and MCT. Available in a monster 8.48kg bag.

Here we have a weight gainer from The Protein Works, an award-winning UK supplement brand that’s been growing from strength to strength since late 2012. Known for using the purest premium ingredients in their affordable products, their weight gainer is available in 12 amazing flavours and has much to offer the hard gainer looking to pack on muscle mass.

Slightly lower on the calories than others on the list, but still pushing a good 900. It’s quite easy to get more calories into each shake by adding heaped scoops, as opposed to levelling them.

Each shake provides around 55g of protein, more than enough to elevate protein synthesis to peak levels. The Protein Works have chosen a “tri-protein” blend of whey concentrate, Micellar Casein and plant-based Soy Protein. Now, they could have used just whey concentrate, and possibly some Micellar Casein and left out the Soy, but still, a good decent blend of proteins to help build that much needed muscle mass.

Carbs are topping out around 161g and come from a blend of Oat Flour, Dextrose, Maltodextrin Monohydrate, and Whey Permeate. Now, you might be wonder what Whey Permeate is – I’ve never seen this used as a carbs source in a supplement before.

Whey Permeate is left over when you remove proteins from whey in a filtration process. It’s cheap and high in lactose, which likely explains why this weight gainer is so high in sugar – 38g per serving. Not a big deal for hard gainers looking to pack in mass, and not too alarming for the health minded because lactose is a naturally accruing sugar.

A generous sprinkle of creatine, L-Glutamine, B Vitamins, and minerals are adding to formulate a great weight gainer shake that’s tasty and smooth to mix.

4. My Protein Extreme Weight Gainer Blend

  • Per Serving of 125g:
  • Kcal: 502
  • Protein: 35g
  • Carbs: 62g
  • Fat: 7g

Over the years, My Protein has managed to earn themselves a well-earned place in the fitness industry. Their reliable range of well formulated products has allowed them to grow to the trusted brand they are today. Not only are their products good quality, but the deals and offers they put out are a steal.

This weight gainer protein powder offers around 500 calories per serving. Comparing this product to other weight gainers on this list and you’ll notice that the calorie count is certainly on the lower side.

Is this a bad thing? Not necessarily. You see, this weight gainers slightly lower calorie count means this product will be perfect for those looking to increase lean gains, without going overboard and adding too much fat to their overall body weight.

One serving delivers you 60g of carbs. Which again, is quite low compared to other shakes in this category. Contrary to popular belief, carbohydrates are an incredibly important fuel source, particularly for the hair gainer. Your brain needs them, your organs need them, and your muscle need them to move – all quite necessary for anyone hitting the gym.

During training, the muscles utilise glucose and ATP for energy. If there is a lack of glucose, your performance will surely suffer, well, unless you happen to be taking this product that is. Its carb content comes mainly from Modified Maize Starch, which is not great, but gets the job done at a good price point.

This product offers a low-fat content. Most poorly constructed weight gainers out there are typically filled with a wide array of detrimental ingredients. These ingredients may range from sugars, sweeteners, filler ingredients and or large amounts of fat! The utilisation of this product means you won’t ever have to worry about consuming high amounts of fat!

You thought I’d forgot about the protein, didn’t you? Well I’ve saved the best till last. Where this shake lacks in quality carbs, it makes up for it in the protein department with a nice 35g dose – more than enough to maximally stimulate protein synthesis – from Whey Protein Concentrate, Whey Protein Isolate, and Milk Protein Concentrate.

I think My Protein made a mistake in calling this an “Extreme” Gainer Blend, as most other leading weight gainers have double the calories and carbs, but still, it does have a more sensible nutrition profile for those looking to maximise muscle gain while minimising fat gain.

If you’re looking for a flavoursome low carb weight gainer with moderate calories and plenty of protein, then this is the supplement for you. It contains quality proteins and is supplemented with MTC, creatine, vitamins, and minerals, and is the most affordable, low priced weight gainer on our list.

5. CNP Pro Mass Gainer

CNP - Weight Gain Protein Shake
  • Per Serving of 50g (2 scoops):
  • Kcal: 372
  • Protein: 37g
  • Carbs: 48g
  • Fat: 3g

CNP – a proud UK supplement brand with an impressive line of protein powders. What sets this company apart is their focus on good quality ingredients, the products they formulate tend to be comprised of very healthy ingredients and offer great value for money.

This formulated weight gainer for a fast metabolism is a tasty no frills shake. Nothing fancy, just good old whey mixed with Maltodextrin, and some MTC, CNP have produced an excellent value weight gainer that gets the job done, with pride.

This product offers loads of servings! One of the biggest downsides most weight gainers possess is the annoyingly low serving count. This factor means you will have to buy in bulk or make consistent orders. On average, the lowest bag size may offer 5-12 servings. CNP broke the mould when they formulated this product as 25-50 servings can be utilised from this product!

Pro Mass is extremely affordable. If you’ve ever browsed around for weight gainers, you’ll notice that they can get expensive. Even with a significantly lower serving count, you can end up spending more than £50. I can happily state this CNP have changed the game in this area. They not only offer a significantly higher serving count but a much less expensive product.

The number of servings, the low expense rate and the presentation of incredibly healthy ingredients has made CNP one of the most trustworthy supplement companies to this day!

If you’ve been struggling to put on weight, maybe you’ve been eating non-stop and nothing seems to be working. You must take into account that there is always a solution. Regardless of how long you may have been struggling, there is always a strategy that will work, weight gainers might just be the solution for you. The top five mass gainers listed above are hand-picked for their quality, they’re successful brands that can be trusted.

Best Adjustable Weight Bench with Preacher Curl Attachment

Everyone wants big muscular arms, right?

Your arms are a very visible part of your body, and usually the first place someone will look to judge how strong and muscular you are.

Whenever someone asks, “show me your muscles?” – They’re not looking for you to strip down and do a rear lat-spread or a side chest pose. It’s your biceps they want to see.

The desire for guys to want big, head turning arms is understandable, but growth in that area can be a real sticking point for some people. To help pack on a peak to your biceps, a weight bench with a preacher curl pad can help, greatly.

If your biceps aren’t responding well to your current workout and you’re struggling to fill the sleeves of a t-shirt, try adding preacher curls into the mix, as this isolation exercise provides maximum growth stimulating tension to your biceps.

Better still, if you’re working out at home, investing in an adjustable weight bench with preacher curl attachment is the best piece of equipment for developing big biceps.

We’ve narrowed down the UK’s Top 5 best workout benches with preacher curl pad, to help you choose the perfect addition to your home gym.

1. Bodymax CF330 Premium Weight Bench with Preacher

This fully adjustable workout bench has 6 angle settings – decline, flat, incline, upright – and a couple in between. Having a multi-purpose bench like this at home means that you can target and work different muscle groups, comfortably.

It’s solid construction and wide base provides maximum stability when working out with heavy dumbbells or barbells. If you’ve even bench pressed on a wobbly weight bench, you’ll know exactly how off putting it can be as you try to maintain good from through your reps.

With the Bodymax CF330 bench you can get a full body workout because of its adjustability and leg curling attachment. And the preacher pad with curling handles means you can focus on bicep muscle development.

Preacher attachments like the Bodymax CF330’s gives you the option of using the handle, like a preacher machine, or to use the pad for isolated dumbbell curls. Utilising both means that you’re able to work the biceps through different points of the strength curve, for the ultimate bicep development.

Overall, this adjustable weight bench with its preacher system ticks all the boxes for a great workout at home.

2. Gorilla Sports – Universal Weight Bench Workstation

This is a beast of a weight bench system, with everything from dip bars, to pec fly, to barbell rack – even 100kg of weights are included – and of course, a solid preacher pad with barbell holder. This truly is the ultimate home workout bench.

Gorilla Sports is a UK based gym equipment manufacturer that’s been going strong since 2005. They offer an extensive range of premium quality, yet very affordable home gym equipment, like this Universal Weight Bench Workstation.

The entire bench weighs around 40kg, which gives you an ideal of how solid this weight bench is. At its core, there’s a 6-way adjustable bench with black padding. No fancy shapes of details, it has that solid old-school look to it.

At the seat end there’s a detachable preacher pad with small hooks to hold a barbell or EZ curl bar. And did I mention that this set includes these bars? – Well, it does, and vinyl weights.

At the back of the weight bench there are two barbell rack stands that have 5 hight settings and safety pins, and at either side there are two pec fly pads. With its various bench angles, you can have an incredible chest workout.

Now, for arms, I talked about the preacher pad, and that this set includes dumbbells, two different barbells, and weights. But it also includes dipping bars and a cable system for triceps extensions, so you’re able to get a total arm workout with this bench system.

The leverage attachment can be fitted to the front, where the preacher attachment is located, to become a leg curler.
You can train every muscle group with this bench, weights, and accessories.

Gorilla have thought of everything when they designed this weight bench, you’d be hard pushed to find a better free weight bench set out there. It’s easy to construct at home, with clear instructions.

3. Marcy Deluxe – MWB-838 Olympic weight Bench

Looking at this bench, you can see right away why this is a “Deluxe” model. The thick upholstery has a premium leather appearance and comes with 1-year warranty, and the black painted steel frame – including all bushes and brackets – come with a 3-year warranty, which speaks volumes for the quality of this weight bench.

The upholstery is stitched together using a “box stitch” technique which is chosen for its strength and stability, and the material was chosen for its durability and odour resistance.

Mercy used a powder coating paint on the frame for its scrat resistance and protective properties, so the frame will last for many years, even under heavy use.

The back rest of the bench adjusts between six angles – from upright through to decline – on a solid saw-tooth bracket system. There are no pins or screws to more and secure the back rest into place. Instead, a bracket slots into saw-teeth on the frame, so super stability and fast adjustments.

Mounted on the front of the bench there is a leg developer which takes Olympic weight plates and has ergonomically shaped foam pads, which are kind to your knees.

Also, at the front, these is a solid preacher arm curls pad which has three high adjustment settings.

This weight bench comes with adjustable barbell upright catchers which can be used for squats, bench press, or shoulder press. They are compatible with 6 and 7ft barbells and have nine hight settings. Again, for amazing durability Mercy has chosen 14-Guage steel for robustness over cheaper materials which gives them the ability to handle 130kg loads.

At the base of the uprights there is a handy weight holder for storing up to 60kg of plates.

We’re super impressed with the materials and construction of this adjustable weight bench with preacher curl pad and barbell rack by Marcy.

4. Bodymax – CF510 Elite

There’s a reason why powerhouse fitness has made it twice in this article, Its because they produce highly effective and reliable equipment! Hence the title – elite, this weight bench is a little more advanced than the first one listed, so keep this in mind! With that being said, the far more professional structure means for far more uses, let’s take a look!

The bodymax comes with a sweat cover! If you’ve ever used the benches in a gym, you will understand the embarrassing feeling that accompanies a visibly sweaty bench directly after use. This inevitably uncomfortable situation can leave you not wanting to leave that specific machine as you don’t want anyone to see the mess you’ve made!

The sweat cover that comes with this product ensures that nothing like this will ever happen!The bodymax is fitted with transportation wheels. The transportation wheels mean you can easily and efficiently move this bench to any given direction without fear of scratching, damaging and or ruining any surrounding property.

This slick little feature is especially useful in times of moving house and it will most certainly make the job much easier!This product provides an armlock on the curler! What makes preacher curls so effective is the unparalleled isolation involved in the movement.

However, this very unique benefit can potentially be ruined with poor form… This product has changed the game in this area as the preacher curling setting provides an arm lock on each side, this arm lock ensures proper form throughout the movement!

5. Weider – 490 DC Weight Bench

If you’ve been involved with the gym for a while, then chances are you’ve heard of Weider.

Why? – Because Joe Weider was professional bodybuilder and the creator of the Mr Olympia competition.

They produce and sell a wide array of different products ranging from supplements to top-quality gym gear. And it’s with pride that I present to you the Weider the 490 DC, an affordable multi-purpose bench with plate loaded preacher curl station and squat rack.

A very unique feature this equipment possesses is the adjustable spotter features. These are located on the two sidebars used to rack the barbell. These features allow for a fully personalised bench press movement meaning you no longer have to feel worried at the end of each set!

This bench presents a fully customisable frame. This means you are not limited to the designated movement meant for this bench. If you wish to incorporate other movements into your routine, you can easily adjust and or remove parts of the product to further help you complete your desired movement.

The adjustable rack meant for the bench press can also be used as a squat rack. All you have to do is move the bench away and the rack is yours for the taking! Since the rack is completely adjustable, you can not only complete the exercise normally but it can be done to your desire!

There you have it! The top 5 workout weight benches with a preacher curl attachment. Every product listed provides a unique list of benefits and this is precisely what must be taken into account when making a purchase. If you’re looking to get a home gym set up, any one of these weight benches offer durability and the versatility to work out your entire body for superb muscular development, without the need to set foot in a busy – and expensive – commercial gym.

Best All In One Protein UK

What was once thought of as a useless by-product from cow’s milk is now considered the best protein source on the planet. I am, of course, talking about whey protein – the most used bodybuilding supplement in history.

All in One protein powder take the mighty whey protein and combine it with other ingredients, such as creatine, carbohydrates, BCAAs, vitamins, and minerals. These synergistic formulas provide a full spectrum of nutrients in one shake to help maximize muscle growth and speed up post working recovery.

It’s a great idea to take what would be several individual supplements and combine them into one shake. But now you face the problem of finding the best all in one whey protein powder, as some are better than others.

Well, I have good news, we’ve taken the hassle out of shopping for an all-in-one protein by shortlisting the top 5 best in the UK.

1. Reflex nutrition One Stop Xtreme

reflex best all in one

Reflex All in One Protein – Nutritional Stats, per 100g:

  • Kcal: 380
  • Protein: 38g
  • Carbs: 48g
  • Fat: 1.8g
  • Includes: Finest creatine monohydrate, (100% RDA of vitamins and minerals), digestive enzyme complex, BCAAs – and tastes great.

Reflex nutrition is one of the UK’s best supplement brands. The wide array exceptionally high-quality products have most certainly earned them this title.

This statement is no better reflected than in their flagship all in one supplement – One Stop Xtreme.

First and foremost, One Stop Xtreme contains the finest whey protein that comes from grass-fed cows, which naturally contains higher levels of Omega-3 and CLA. The carbohydrates are from organic oats and barley, making this suitable as a meal replacement shale, too.

A specially formulated Muscle & Strength stack is blending into this supplement, containing Creapure – the highest quality creatine monohydrate available – BCAAs, free form L-Leucine (the most potent muscle building amino), Glutamine Peptides, and Beta Alanine.

Also, a TestoFusion Stack containing chelated minerals Zinc, Magnesium, and Avena Sativa, for the healthy promotion of testosterone production – the hormone that not only builds muscle, but impacts bone density, mood, and sex drive. Anything that helps you secrete more testosterone is a good thing.

Friendly bacteria and digestive enzymes are also added for gut health and absorption of nutrients. For those of you who don’t know, friendly bacteria assists the body with numerous tasks, one of which is gut health. Poor gut health can be the causer of numerous issues, friendly bacteria can help resolves this. As for the digestive enzymes, let’s just say, these enzymes will help the product become more easily absorbed in the body.

Put this all together and you have one of the best all in one protein supplements in the UK.

2. Bulk Powders Aftermath

bulk powders aftermath

Nutritional Stats, per serving of 70g scoops:

  • Kcal: 226
  • Protein: 40g
  • Carbs: 21g
  • Fat: 2.1g
  • Includes: Whey Isolate as primary protein, Pure Creapure creatine mono, Glutamine Peptides, HMB, and Leucine.

Bulk Powders have done an amazing job at formulating and manufacturing their own all in one post working supplement. It’s mTOR Protein Complex consists of whey isolate as the primary source, and additional whey concentrate to deliver 40g a quality protein per shake.

It’s super low in sugar, with just 0.7g. This is achieved by using Vitargo as the main source of carbohydrates, which uses barley starch in a patented process to produce a rabidly absorbing pure carbohydrate.

Blended with these nutritious macronutrients is Creapure Creatine Monohydrate, Glutamine Peptides, and HMB, to increase performance and build more muscle from each workout.

With the large black and green packaging, and with this being part of Bulk Powders Pro Series, it looks pricy. But aftermath is a surprisingly affordable all in one protein and creatine supplement, providing a premium formulation that fits with most budgets.

I’ve drank the double chocolate flavour and it’s really nice, and mixes to a smooth consistency, without lumps. Chocolate is always my favoured choice with shakes, but everyone is different. The thing will flavour is that opinions vary – some reviews say that the vanilla is better than chocolate, and visa versa. Bulk powders put months of work into taste testing, and from the feedback, its well likes across all flavours.

Informed Spot Accredited and complete transparency with ingredients, this is an ideal choice for professional athletes and bodybuilders.

3. PhD Synergy ISO-7 all-in-one Protein

Per serving, 2 scoops:

  • Kcal: 253
  • Protein: 40g
  • Carbs: 17g
  • Fat: 2.5g
  • Includes: Potent mix of 5g of creatine, Peptide bonded Leucine, Zinc, Magnesium, rich amino acid profile, and Vitamins C, and B6.

There’s a reason why PhD’s products can be found in your local supermarket, it’s because they are a well-trusted brand that produces quality innovative supplements. They not only produce high-quality products but have been around for a long time. In fact, PhD – Synergy ISO-7 has been around since 2006 –
which is a testament to the effectiveness and popularity of this all in one.

Their all-in-one protein powder – synergy ISO-7, is not only comprised of premium ingredients but has an impressive spectrum of well thought out nutrients – ideal for post workout recovery.

This was my staple post workout shake for many years, before switching to Reflex, but I still use this from time to time, as it’s truly an excellent anabolic all in one protein powder. I attribute a lot of my best lean muscle gains to the regular use of this supplement.
Its high 40g protein content (which is the optimal dose for maximizing protein synthesis) comes from a blend of whey concentrate, Hydrolysed Wheat Protein, and Micellar Casein.

It mixes really well into a smooth shake with water or milk, and for such a low carbohydrate content, it’s one of the best tasting all in one protein powders I’ve had the pleasure of drinking. Perhaps the blend of high and low digesting carbs coming from Ground oats, Maltodextrin, and Dextrose
Monohydrate are what help with taste.

Because of its great taste and texture, high protein punch, and intelligent profile of ingredients, this was my go-to all in one for years. I still highly rate and recommend this supplement to this day.

4. My Protein All-in-One Perform Blend Elite

Per serving, 2 heaped scoops:

  • Kcal: 236
  • Protein: 30g
  • Carbs: 22g
  • Fat: 2.6g
  • Includes: Creapre creatine and HMB

When it comes to the top 5 all-in-one protein blends, it isn’t surprising that My Proteins all-in-one made the list. This award-winning UK based company was founded in 2004 and has grown to become a household name in the fitness industry.

Their products are designed and manufactured in-house to the highest standards by a team of experts. Let’s talk about what they’ve done with their all in one protein formulation.

First, they use a mix of Whey Protein Concentrate and Whey Protein Isolate that provides a good 30g of protein per shake.

Carbs come from a mix of Dextrose, Ground Oats to provide 22g, of which 15g are sugars. A little higher on sugar compared to others on the list.

This product contains HMB. HMB is an ingredient not commonly added and or utilised for muscle growth and repair but yet the benefits this key ingredient offers is precisely what makes this product so unique. HMB – (beta-hydroxy-beta-methylbutyrate) is naturally produced in the body and studies done on supplementation state that it may help boost protein synthesis whilst simultaneously lowering muscle-breakdown.

The fact of the matter is, not everyone is going to enjoy a protein shake. Some might prefer a more sugary drink whilst others may not. Everyone on this planet is different and therefore, not everyone will like this product. However, the collection of positive reviews all make notes on the flavour. More specifically, the flavour of this product seems to be the most well-enjoyed aspect of this product making it more likely that you will enjoy it too!

If you are inexperienced in this area, knowing and understanding what to look for in a product can be hard. Not only is this aspect challenging but choosing the right company to make your purchase from is too. Luckily for you, my protein is a brand you can trust, they not only provide delicious products but quality assured products!

5. SCI-MX Nutrition OMNI MX leancore

Per serving, 2 scoops totalling 100g:

  • Kcal: 253
  • Protein: 40g
  • Carbs: 17g
  • Fat: 2.5g
  • Includes: 3g L-Leucine, Creatine monohydrate, ZMA, and Aminogen.

You’ve probably heard of SCI-MX, they’ve made their way into a lot of the big chain supermarkets like Asda and Tesco. A mainstream supplement brand with a solid line of sports nutrition supplements, this company takes a scientific approach to their product formulations – hence the “SCI” in their brand name.

So, what does their all in one supplement, Omni Mx leancore have to offer?

As with the others on this list, let’s start with the protein source and dose, as this is primary muscle building component to an all in one powder.
They’re using a blend of whey protein concentrate, soya protein isolate, hydrolysed wheat protein, and milk protein concentrate.

Now, these are cheaper protein sources than whey isolate, that’s why you need 100g over 2 large scoops to hit the 41g of protein per shake. Although these proteins cost less, and likely give Sci-Mx good margins, their selling point is that they provide a multi-stage time-release protein they call GRS 9-Hour.

Sci-Mx claim that this mix of protein sources provide a fast, medium, and slow digesting proteins to give a steady release of muscle building amino acids over 9 hours.

Sci-Mx Omni Mx provides a considerable 46g of carbs, of which are half is sugar. It uses plain dextrose and maltodextrin, which does the job of delivering carbs, but oats would be a more desirable ingredient to use.

It accompanies a high carb – high protein ratio. We all know the importance of protein consumption and how it builds and maintains muscle tissue. Even those who aren’t well-versed in bodybuilding or fitness know this. Contrary to popular belief, carbohydrates are also not just a useful fuel source, but indirectly help with muscle mass, too. They provide and restore the fuel our muscles need for an intense training session. These two factors mean for an extremely anabolic recipe!

Sci-Mx Omni Mx all in one powder contains ZMA – zinc, magnesium aspartate and vitamin B6. This combination of vitamins and minerals is widely known in the bodybuilding world for its effects on both testosterone and performance. Consistently taking ZMA may help improve testosterone levels which will encourage the growth of muscle mass. This combined with an increase in energy levels makes this product extremely beneficial.

Choosing an All-In-One Protein Powder

When choosing the perfect all in one protein supplement for your training goals, there are a few factors to consider.

Taste – You may be a chocolate guy or girl – that’s my go-to flavour. However, some brands of chocolate shakes taste horrible, so you’d need to do some testing. A lot of supplement brands have small samples to try first, before committing to a large 5kg tub or bag. Always test taste and texture, because there’s no point in dreading your morning, or post workout shake, it should be something that goes down easy.

Cost – Supplements can be expensive, especially when it’s an ongoing expense each month. Buying a cheaper option doesn’t always mean that the ingredients are less quality. As you can see from our list, there are high quality, and very affordable all in one’s available.

Ingredients – Are you looking to bulk up? Then you might want to look for a high carbs and high calorie shake that contains creatine. Maybe you’re looking to stay lean, in which case you’d want to looks for CLA and a shake that contains low GI carbs. There are various formulas, some containing vitamins and minerals, have a good read over the nutritional profile and ingredients before buying.

On a brighter note, if you are looking for a top-notch all-in-one protein product, look no further than those recommended above. The companies that produce and sell these products have been well-known in this industry for many years and they’ve been hand picked, by me – a bodybuilding supplements expert with 19 years of experience.

Every company above offer top quality products that can be trusted and offer great value, and will deliver next day in the UK.

5 Best Protein Bars in the UK

Protein bars are a fun and tasty way to boost your daily protein intake, but taste and quality can vary, widely.

In this article, I’m going to present and go over five of the best protein bars to buy online in the UK. Hand picked for their nutrient profile, scrumptious flavours, ingredients, and of course, protein content.

1. Reflex Nutrition R-Bar Protein Bars

I’m a big fan of Reflext Nutrition. In fact, their one of my top go-to supplement brands, because of their exceptionally high quality range of products. The R-bars by Reflex Nutrition are the perfect example – a high protein, high fibre, low sugar, great tasting protein bar by a UK based sports nutrition specialist.

R-bars by reflex not only offer an extremely nutritious protein bar but a tasty one that anyone can enjoy! This can be attributed to its number of different flavours you can choose from! Let’s dive in and take a close look at some of the outstanding benefits this product has to offer.

  • R-bars are very low in sugar. If you’ve meddled with numerous different supplements and products like this, you might already be aware that many others on the market deliver an uncomfortably high amount of sugar. The high levels of sugar found in products like these will do nothing but tamper with your health and this will in turn work against any fitness goals you have for yourself.
  • This product delivers a high source of fibre. Ahh, fibre, the macronutrient that most of us don’t get enough of. This incredibly essential nutrient is often found in food sources not commonly eaten hence to why so many of us are deficient in this nutrient. So, if you believe yourself to be one of the unfortunate people who don’t consume enough fibre, you can feel better within yourself knowing that this product will help bring your levels up.
  • Whey protein is sourced from grass-fed cows! For those of you who don’t know, whey protein, the most popular and anabolic protein source on the planet is sourced from cows milk. This is the protein source placed into these protein bars. The balance and purity of nutrients found in the cow’s milk can depend highly on the cow’s diet and since they’re grass-fed, you can be assured that the protein they use for their bars is of the highest quality.

If you decide to go and purchase one of their bars, you should know that their online shop sells their bars in packs of 12. Each pack will set you back around £23. Not only is their product reasonably priced but it’s available in five different flavours, so you know there’s going to be something for you.

All in all, Reflex nutrition have outdone themselves with this highly favourable product. The good quality nutrition found in this bar combined with the lack of sugars and other detrimental ingredients makes this product a product you can trust.

2. Bulk Powders Macro Munch Protein Bar Review

This UK based company has truly worked its way to the top and at a rapid pace, I might add. Bulk powders are a supplement company offering a wide array of different supplements all designed to benefit you, your body and your results.

Bulk powders broke the mould in the protein bar world when they formulated and delivered their macro munch protein bars. This incredibly reliable product will be an extremely useful tool when striving to achieve any fitness goals! Let’s see what else it accompanies!

  • Seven different flavours! Listen, everybody on this plane is different. There will always be that seemingly one person who tends to opt for a more unusual tasting flavour as opposed to simply going for a standard one. While this is perfectly okay, not many products and brands are going to offer much more than standard likeable flavours. Fortunately for you, you’re in luck! This product is available in seven different flavours!
  • The macro munch is extremely high in fibre! As stated earlier, fibre is a massively under-consumed nutrient. It’s utilised by the body for various tasks such as the lowering of blood sugar, regulating healthy bowel movements and the proper absorption of nutrients. A lack of fibre can cause various issues to arise not to mention the development of cancer. All in all, this protein bar is going to be extremely beneficial to you!
  • Very affordable protein bar. For many people in this world, money is most certainly an issue. This can be caused by many different factors but this factor alone means for a potentially strict budget cut. Bulk powders must have certainly taken this into account when pricing this product as you will soon see that this product is listed at a very affordable price.

The macro munch protein bars by bulk powders remain one of the most popular protein bars for a reason because they are affordable, taste good and deliver the nutrition as promised.

There’s a reason why bulk powders have rapidly progressed in both sales and recognition in recent years, this is because they are a brand you can trust! This brand has proven time and time again that both quality and affordability can be intertwined, furthermore making this a brand you can rely on.

3. Grenade Carb Killa Protein Bars

If you’ve been involved with the fitness industry for a while now, you will without a doubt have seen this brand pop up more than once. This is for a good reason. Grenade is an incredibly innovative supplement brand offering numerous health products and supplements.

These health products and supplements have been listed time and time again as some of the most reliable, trustworthy and effective products on today’s market. With that being said, let’s dive in and take a closer look at one of their more recognisable protein bars known as carb killa.

  • The grenade carb killa comes in 11 flavours! Hands down the longest list of flavours so far! The grenade carb killas long list of flavours makes it the better protein bar on this list so far when referring to picky choosers! Their available flavours are very broadly ranged meaning there is without a doubt something there for everyone!
  • A great tasting protein bar that’s low in sugars and carbs. Hence the name – “carb killa”, this product is extremely low in both carbohydrates and sugars. As we all know, many of those looking to lose weight tend to opt for the low carb diets. This low carbs protein bar will not only serve its intended purpose for those trying to cut out the carbs but it will deliver a top-notch protein source which will too, aid in weight loss.
  • Insanely tasty! Struggle with an incessant sweet tooth? Always seem to give in when the cravings kick in? The majority of us suffer from and tend to give in to sugary foods from time to time. It’s a very normal yet annoying occurrence. With that being said, I can confidently tell you this protein bar may be your answer! The reviews surrounding this supplement suggest it to be extremely tasty and this certainly appears to be one of the more favourable aspects of this product.

After a little overview of the key features of this product, it’s very clear as to why it’s becoming more and more popular… This can be attributed to its desirably sweet taste!

Its unbelievable taste combined with the wide array of different flavours makes this product perfect for those who tend to be a bit more picky with their foods! With that being said, if you are planning on purchasing one of these bars, you can expect to be set back £2.49.

4. Phd Pharma Whey HT Protein Bars

If you’re fairly observant when on your shopping trip, then chances are you’ve come across some of PhD’s products. This will more than likely include products like protein bars, powdered protein and of course their pre-made protein shakes.

These reliable products can be found in your regular supermarkets but will also be found in numerous supplement stores alike. With that being said, have you taken note of their whey HT protein bars? If not, you’re in for a surprise. This is perhaps one of their most popular products so keep reading to find out more!

  • Very high protein content! When you go to the store and pick up a protein supplement, it’s unlikely that you’re doing so for any reason other than your desire to build more muscle. Well, I can gladly say that you are certainly going to be doing that with this product! One of these protein bars contains 30 grams of whey protein, the most anabolic protein source on the planet!
  • High in calcium. During our younger years on this planet, we are all told of the importance of calcium and its effect on bone health. Some of us are even brought up on milk and other foods containing calcium for exactly the reasons I’ve just said. If you are one of these people, you may be happy to hear that just one bar delivers a whopping 125.4mg of calcium!
  • The Whey HT protein bar delivers a good source of fat. For most people, fat is an incredibly inconvenient macronutrient that should be avoided at all costs. However, most people aren’t aware of the simple facts that fat is very important to the body. It helps maintain body temperature, hormone structure and cell replace and repair. Those who aren’t consuming enough fats in their diet will inevitably suffer through undesirable symptoms, this product will help prevent that.

PhD has gone above and beyond with this protein bar. This is primarily due to the heightened level of macronutrients present in this product.

This product offers some very unique features on this list, this goes in the way of the heightened fat content alongside its much higher protein and calcium content than other protein bars. This, in turn, makes for a very nutritionally dense protein bar ideal for those who typically don’t eat enough.

5. SCI-MX Pro 2go Duo

SCI-MX, another best selling supplement brand. This like PhD can also be found in various supermarkets and stores but also supplement shops. The companies reliability and trustworthy features are precisely why so many shops and day to day stores are comfortable selling their products.

SCI-MX sell a huge abundance of different supplements all designed to further enhance any desired fitness goals. That being said, let’s examine some key features focused on one of their most popular products!

  • Six quality protein sources. For those of you who are unaware, protein is a label given to a bunch of specific amino acids found in food. The level and amount of amino acids vary from one protein source to another and the level and amount matters when trying to build muscle. This product offers a blend of six different protein sources, this means you will be receiving a wide array of different amino acids!
  • Good source of healthy fats. Healthy fats are very important to the body for a wide array of reasons, one of these being heart health. Healthy fat sources help reduce LDL cholesterol. This bad source of cholesterol can clog the arteries up causing heightened blood pressure levels which in turn causes the heart to work harder. Healthy fats will ensure the heart doesn’t work harder than it has too.
  • Scientifically formulated. If you’re considering the purchase of one of their products, it’s certainly worth considering that their products are formulated with scientific intelligence. More specifically, the ingredients utilised into their products are put together and utilised to formulate a health optimised product which will only serve to assist you with your goals!

SCI-MX Nutrition has been around for a long time. Their products are formulated with the assistance of scientific approval meaning you can trust the quality and effectiveness of their products.

The product most recently discussed is one of their most highly reviewed and enjoyed product still utilised in today’s world. This factor combined with their many unique features makes for an altogether well trusted and reliable product.

How to Choose the Right Protein Bar

Understanding what is and what isn’t good for our health in today’s world can be very difficult. Some lifestyle factors may be considered healthy through one study while another may suggest the opposite…

Whether it’s through false marketing, desperation for money and or a potentially uninformed seller, there are without a doubt numerous products on the market right now being recommended for their potential health benefits without any hard proof.

This aspect combined with a very unreliable fitness industry makes it incredibly hard to understand what we should and shouldn’t do to further improve our health. With that being said, not all services and products on the market should be deemed untrustworthy.

Some products have been well-known for their health benefits for a long time. Products like these are typically backed up by science and aren’t linked to any negative health effects. One of these products is protein bars!

At first, protein bars were a shadow. Most were aware they existed but most didn’t actively seek them out. Now, protein bars are an actively sought out treat designed to deliver a reliable source of protein whilst simultaneously satiating that sweet tooth we all possess.

When purchasing protein bars to help meet your goals, you must align your goals with the nutritional profile found in the product. This means if you are hoping to both lose weight and build muscle, you will need to opt for a protein bar with fewer calories and higher amounts of protein.

On the other hand, if you are trying to gain both fat and muscle, opting for a more calorically dense protein bar will prove to be far more effective than a protein bar with fewer calories.

Not only should you align your goals with your nutrition requirements but you should be careful when going with a brand you’ve never heard of. Some brands often fill their products with numerous sugars and sweeteners to have the product tasting more fulfilling.

This might improve the overall taste of the product but it could in turn work against your goals or worse, it may even be detrimental towards your health.

Summing Up

As stated earlier, understanding what’s good and bad for us through nutrition can be challenging. This can be attributed to several different reasons. For this very reason, it’s important to approach anything nutrition-related with an open mind.

This will help to ensure you don’t make any mistakes when picking out the correct products suited to your needs and desires. With that being said, the protein bars listed above are without a doubt, good quality protein sources you can count on.

They are and have been best-sellers for a long time. This is primarily based on ingredients, affordability, and taste. These three factors alone are enough to have anyone convinced but their benefits don’t stop there.

This very article is comprised of the most popular and most sought out protein bars. They each offer a similar array of benefits but like anyone and anything on this planet, they each possess unique benefits. So, whether you are looking to build muscle and gain weight, build muscle and lose fat or perhaps just live a healthier lifestyle through nutrition, the above protein bars will without a doubt help you get there.

Best Rowing Machines for Home Use 2020

Row, row, row your boat, gently down the… wait a minute. We’re here to talk about the best rowing machines – those low-slung, muscle-building apparati that provide a stellar, near-whole-body workout.

Want an outstanding home gym but don’t have much space? A home rowing machine is just the ticket. Keep scrolling to see our top recommendations and solid buying advice.

Top 5 Home Rowing Machines of 2020

There’s a wide variety of rowing machines on the market, from those with flywheels, to models sporting air or water resistance, and more. We’ll give you the low-down on our top four picks to help you find the best rowing machine to use at home. Ready? Let’s go!

1. Best Overall: Concept2 Model D

Crowning our list, the Concept2 Model D rowing machine has everything you’re looking for. It provides a full-body, aerobic and resistance workout – and is designed to be comfortable for anyone, thanks to adjustable footrests and a low seat.

This makes for a stable setup, regardless of your leg length or height. The round handle – braced at the centre for extra durability, and swept back at ten degrees to provide a neutral grip – is easy to hold onto, even during long training sessions.

The Model D is an air rowing machine. That means it produces resistance by drawing air over a flywheel.

Though a hydraulic or magnetic rowing machine may offer a bit more adjustability, the Concept2 system works well: you can increase or decrease resistance using the integrated damper, which controls how much or little air reaches the flywheel.

Also, the design is simpler, with fewer things to go wrong.

This is not a small rowing machine – fully assembled, it’s about eight feet long and two feet wide. You’ll need a space nine by four feet to work comfortably in.

That said, the Concept2 Model D, with its nickel-plated seat and robust construction, is built like a tank – it has a 227 kg capacity – and can be taken apart for storage.

It’s also easy to assemble, and move, thanks to frontally positioned caster wheels.

At its core, the Model D is a simple, mechanical device. The included backlit PM5 performance monitor takes things to a new level – it displays speed, distance, watts and calories burned for each workout.

You can even select between five display options: force curve, all data, large print, bar chart or pacer. Whether you want hard numbers or a quick graphical representation of what’s going on, it’s all there, at-a-glance.

And the free Concept2 ErgData app (compatible with Android and iOS) lets you connect your smartphone and rower, providing extra feedback, and storing all your workouts. You can even interface an ANT+ or Bluetooth Smart heart monitor to the PM5. If you like fitness trackers, you’ll love this!

Are there any downsides?

As far as performance goes, not really. The only issues of note are the large size of the machine (though most rowers take up a fair bit of space), and the cost – this is not a budget device.

It is, however, almost universally well-reviewed, and with good reason is the choice of many gyms and pro athletes. You can’t go wrong with the Concept2 Model D.

2. Runner Up: JTX Freedom Air Rower

Coming in at a close second, the JTX Freedom Air has some fantastic features at a more modest price. Built with your comfort and health in mind, the Freedom Air features a padded seat, 6-point adjustable pedals, and a wide foot placement—that means better posture, and a safe, efficient workout.

The handle is cushioned and ergonomically angled, making it easy to grip, while reducing pressure points and arm tension.

Like the much-praised Concept2 Model D, the JJLL® R200 Home Rowing Machine is an air-rowing machine—with a twist. Not only is air drawn over the flywheel; there’s 16-step, adjustable electromagnetic resistance, too.

The result is a top rowing machine that’s smooth and fairly quiet, which is always a plus when you’re rowing at home.

The JTX Freedom Air is a touch more compact than the Model D, coming in about 7.38 feet long and 1.9 feet wide. You’ll still need a nearly nine-by-four foot space, but in a home gym, every inch counts, and the compact design is much appreciated.

The reinforced aluminium frame is strong and sturdy, and an easy-fold mechanism allows the machine to pivot into a neat, triangular shape for upright storage and transportation. The Freedom Air is rated for users up to 130 kg in weight.

An integrated computer and performance display make it simple to set and meet training targets – distance, speed, stroke, revolutions, strokes/minute, heart rate and torque/power are all tracked.

You’ll find five fitness programs – two of which are intervals – as well as two programs controlled by heart rate. JTX have included a free wireless heart rate monitor—a nice touch that adds even more value. The display is excellent, offering both numerical and graphical stats on a bright, backlit screen.

Are there any downsides? Just a few, and they’re mostly minor and infrequent. The instruction manual could be more thorough, and if you’re particularly strong, the lighter-weight aluminium frame may lift a little at one end when pulling hard on the handle.

Thus far, we’ve heard of this happening only once. There isn’t much not to like about the JTX Freedom Air—it’s a great, mid-priced rowing machine that provides excellent value for the money.

3. Best Water Rower: WaterRower Rowing Machine for Home

The aptly named WaterRower rowing machine is just that: a water rower—and it’s the best of the type on our list.

This beautiful machine features a solid wood frame, large, clear water tank, and handsome, black accents. A contoured, padded seat glides on four wheels along the length of the frame, while the foot pads feature simple, effective adjustment straps to accommodate a wide range of food sizes.

Dashing good looks aside, what makes this rower stand out is how it works. Instead of air or magnets, there’s just water, contained in the disc-shaped WaterFlyWheel.

Every stroke moves a paddle through the water – just like rowing a boat. This is a self-regulating, or perhaps, user-regulated workout: you generate the resistance.

The harder you pull, the more challenging it becomes. It’s kind of like riding a single-speed bicycle: pedal faster to go faster. Using the WaterRower feels natural and intuitive – there’s no fiddling with adjustments, no electricity is required, and it’s very quiet in operation.

The WaterRower is surprisingly compact, measuring just over 6.9 feet long and a little under 1.9 feet wide. Not exactly tiny – no rowing machine is – but almost svelte next to a Concept2 Model D.

At about 53 kg, the WaterRower is weighty, but with that heft comes strength: it’s rated to support almost 454 kilos. When not in use, it can be raised upright for easy storage, and rolled away on front-mounted wheels. Included with the WaterRower are purification tablets, which help prevent microbial growth inside the water tank.

Mounted above the tank is an S4 performance monitor, which provides a range of useful information, including time, distance, intensity, strokes per minute, heart rate and calories burned. You’ll also find intensity units, distance units, and three workout programs.

Are there any downsides to this Water Machine Rowing?

A few. The performance monitor isn’t backlit and lacks modern connectivity. Assembly could be easier, and there have been occasional quality control issues.

These quibbles aside, the WaterRower is still a great choice, and an attractive alternative to flywheel rowing machines.

4. Best Rowing Machine Under £200: JLL R200 Home Rowing Machine

Rounding out our list is the JLL R200 – it’s the best budget rowing machine available, and provides a great workout at a price that works for almost anyone.

Featuring a strong yet lightweight aluminium frame, large, pivoting footpads with velcro straps, and a padded, non-slip, cylindrical handle, the JLL R200’s no-nonsense design is functional and straightforward.

You’ll notice that the flywheel is hidden away. This is a purely magnetic rowing machine, relying not on airflow, but a powerful magnet positioned close to the wheel, which is belt-driven.

Pull back on the handle, and the wheel is spun by a flat belt. The JLL R200 provides offers ten levels of resistance, which should be plenty for most beginners. Adjustments are made using an easy-to-reach knob. With no air rushing over a vented flywheel, magnetic rowers such as the R200 are especially quiet, making them well-suited to busy households.

The JLL isn’t just the best affordable rowing machine, it’s one of the smallest, too. Fully assembled, it’s less than six feet long and under two feet wide, perfect for almost any room.

It has a maximum user capacity of 100 kg, yet weighs only 23 kg. That’s half the weight of the WaterRower. The JLL R200 folds up to a little over four feet in height, and can easily be wheeled around. If your space is limited, this rowing machine deserves strong consideration.

Conveniently positioned near the handlebar is a 3” LCD display which shows the total and current number of rows, calories burned, counts per minute and distance rowed.

Are there any downsides?

The JLL R200 is a budget-friendly rowing machine geared toward beginners and novices. It’s not without a few shortcomings—the display lacks a backlight; the handle isn’t backswept; the resistance may be too low for an especially strong rower—but for the price, it can’t be beat.

If you’re new to indoor rowing, tight on space, or just want to test the waters without breaking the bank, the bestselling JLL R200 might be right for you.

Rowing Machine Buying Guide: All You Need to Know to Row

A rowing machine is one of the most versatile pieces of exercise equipment you can buy. We’ve recommended four excellent rowers above, but if you’re still on the fence about which one is right for you, read on.

Rowing Machine Benefits

Of all the home gym equipment available, why a rowing machine? The reasons are many – here are some of the best.

Weight loss. From the office desk to the car seat, from the chair or couch at home, most people lead sedentary lives. Over time, inactivity, an abundance of calories and a slowing metabolism can change your body composition.

Using a rowing machine is a great way to counteract unwanted weight gain, providing the benefits of both cardiovascular exercise and strength training.

An (almost) whole-body workout. Rowing machines work up to 85 percent of your muscles – your lower back, hamstrings, calves, glutes, upper back, shoulders, triceps, biceps, chest and forearms are all activated when you row. Few, if any, other routines stimulate so many muscle groups simultaneously.

Eyes on the prize. Integrated monitors help you track your speed, power, calories burned, number of rows, heart rate and more. These statistics can help you stay on track, and reach new fitness goals.

Low-impact, high-reward. Rowing is a great way to burn calories, build muscle and improve endurance—and it’s low-impact. Unlike traditional cardio or strength training, rowing is a non-weight bearing exercise.

That means it’s easier on your joints, and can be a great option for anyone that struggles with running or weight lifting.

As easy or difficult as you want. Most rowing machines allow you to regulate resistance, making them ideal for anyone, regardless of their current fitness levels. Increasing resistance is as easy as twisting a dial (or, in the case of the WaterRower, pulling harder).

How to Choose the Right Rowing Machine

Ergonomics and Weight Capacity

If you’re of average proportions, there’s not much to worry about—most rowing machines should fit you well.

However, if you’re especially tall, long-limbed, heavy, or have large feet, we’d suggest opting for a larger rowing machine with a comfy handle, padded seat and higher weight capacity.

Noise Levels

If you crank up the tunes when you work out, then this part may not matter much. But if you prefer the sound of silence, share a space with other people, or like to follow the dialogue of your favourite television series while rowing toward a new personal best, it’s worth considering.

Air rowers generate the most noise. It’s simply the nature of how they operate, rapidly moving air over a flywheel.

Water rowers sit somewhere in the middle of the noise spectrum – the thick, polycarbonate water tank muffles a lot of sound, making this type of rowing machine relatively quiet in operation.

Magnetic rowers are the quietest, producing very little sound. Magnetic resistance is increased or decreased by moving a magnet closer to or farther from the flywheel.

Because the frictionless resistance comes only from magnetic eddy currents – not air moving over a wheel or water being pushed against – the noise produced is insignificant.

Resistance Levels

As a general rule, air and water rowers provide a more challenging workout. That’s because the harder your row, the more resistance is generated.

Conversely, the resistance of a magnetic rowing machine is limited by the strength of its magnets – not a problem for most people, but if you’re already quite strong, or feel you’ve plateaued on a magnetic rower, you might consider a different type.

Of note is that magnetic rowing machines feel smooth even at lower resistance levels, while air or water rowers require a little more “oomph” to keep things flowing.


This is self-explanatory. Ensure that your home gym, bedroom, living room, garage, or wherever you plan to row is large enough. Rowing machines can require up to nine by four feet of usable space.

Also think about storage – some rowers fold away or split apart, while others must be stored upright. Measure twice, buy once.


If the latest, greatest, most expensive rowing machines are out of your reach, have no fear – you can get an excellent rower for under two hundred pounds, and upgrade later. There’s something out there for almost everyone, no matter their budget.

Brand Reputation and User Reviews

Our recommendations for the best rowing machines are based on product quality and performance, brand reputation and user satisfaction.

We’ve put together a concise list that spans most budgets and needs – but don’t just take our word for it; see what others have to say, too. We’re confident you’ll find the perfect indoor rower to help take your fitness to the next level!

Best Creatine Supplement 2020

Creatine – you’ve probably seen it on the shelves next to the protein powders and other bodybuilding supplements. But what is it? Despite being comprised of three amino acids, it isn’t a protein.

It may enhance performance – but it isn’t a stimulant. Is this white, bland-tasting powder the enigma of the fitness world? Nah, there’s nothing mysterious about it. Read on to learn what it is, how it works, and our recommendations for the best creatine supplements to buy in the UK.

Searching for ‘creatine powder’ on a popular online retailer returns hundreds of results. The prospect of poring over so many products can be daunting.

That’s what we’re here for. Scroll down to see our most recommended creatine products. We chose them based on quality, value and brand reputation.

1. Reflex Nutrition Creapure Creatine

From by Reflex Nutrition—one of the UK’s leading sports nutrition companies—comes Creapure Creatine.

It’s synthesized by Germany’s specialist chemical company, AlzChem, to strict quality control standards, yielding a safe, high-purity, non-animal sourced product.

Each 5-gram serving—there are 100 servings per half-kilo container, and 50 servings in a 250-gram tub—provides rapidly absorbed creatine monohydrate that boosts muscle performance and enhances recovery.

Like other Reflex Nutrition products, Creapure Creatine contains no soy, aspartame or artificial coloring agents. It’s as pure as pure can be, and mixes easily in water and other liquids.

We’d say it tastes great, but it tastes like nothing at all, and is ideal for adding to smoothies and shakes.

Reflex Nutrition Creapure Creatine Key Features

  • A proven performance enhancer—improves physical output during high-intensity exercise
  • Free from animal products and testing—suitable for vegans
  • Free of artificial colours, flavours and sweeteners
  • Manufactured under stringent standards
  • Rapidly absorbed
  • Dissolves easily
  • Flavorless
  • Guaranteed BSE-free
  • Halal-certified

2. BULK POWDERS Creatine Monohydrate Powder

BULK POWDERS—you might recognize them as the plainly packaged, price-cutting, direct-to-consumer brand behind other affordable sports supplements—bring to market this low-cost, no-nonsense, high-value creatine monohydrate powder.

Available in 500-gram and 1-kilogram pouches, it’s 99.9% pure, and provides all the benefits of creatine at an incredible price.

A single three to five gram dose supplements your body’s endogenous creatine synthesis, producing more energy-giving adenosine triphosphate (ATP) when you need it most.

Like most creatine products, BULK POWDERS creatine monohydrate is virtually flavourless, and mixes well.

Bulk Powders Creatine Key Features

  • High-quality creatine monohydrate
  • Mixes well with plain water and other liquids—perfect for smoothies and shakes
  • Available in a variety of convenient sizes
  • An economically priced creatine monohydrate supplement

3. CNP Pro Creatine Monohydrate

Maybe you’ve never heard of CNP, but they’ve been in the business of sports nutrition for over twenty years. Their Pro Creatine Monohydrate Powder is a fine example of why – it’s a completely pure creatine powder, absolutely free of excipients, preservatives and other ingredients.

At a recommended dose of five grams a day, each half-kilogram container provides 100 servings – and at just under £13, it’s excellent value for the money.

Flavourless and finely powdered, CNP Pro Creatine Monohydrate blends easily with water, fruit juice and other liquids. Use it plain, or add it to your favourite smoothie or protein mix to give your muscles more power fast.

CNP Pro Features

  • Ideal for an active lifestyle
  • Five grams of creatine monohydrate per serving
  • 100 servings per container
  • Improves muscular performance
  • Completely pure and filler-free

Creatine Supplement Buying Guide

Creatine is one of the simplest, most cost-effective ways to maximize your workouts—but how does it work? It isn’t magic (though it might seem like it!)—it’s science. Let’s jump right in, shall we?

What Is Creatine, Anyway?

Unlike protein powder, creatine contains only three amino acids—glycine, l-arginine and l-methionine. Taken in isolation, these aminos each provide their own unique benefits.

For example, high-dose glycine has shown promise in the treatment of certain mood disorders. When precisely combined, glycine, l-arginine and l-methionine form creatine—a nitrogenous organic acid.

Creatine is produced endogenously by the kidneys, liver and pancreas, and can be obtained from food, most notably fish and meat—though they provide relatively little in comparison to supplemental sources.

That said, vegetarian diets have been shown to result in measurably lower resting creatine levels.

The body produces approximately one to two grams of creatine per day. It’s converted into phosphocreatine, stored largely in the muscles, and, as it’s used, degraded into creatinine, which is excreted in the urine.

Creatinine excretion is roughly on par with the rate of endogenous production.

How Does Creatine Work?

When you take a creatine supplement, creatine is transported into the cells by CreaT1—a genetic creatine transporter.

Chemical reactions—phosphorylation and glycosylation, which involve the addition of phosphorus and glycans (sugar compounds) to proteins—control the uptake of creatine within the body, which is further regulated by existing creatine stores in and outside of the cells.

Creatine supplementation improves athletic performance by increasing mitochondrial levels of adenosine triphosphate (ATP). Mitochondria are organelles—specialized structures found in cells—responsible for energy production and cellular respiration.

ATP is a complex substance that provides energy for many cellular processes, including nerve impulses, chemical synthesis, enzymatic reactions and muscle contraction. It’s found in all life-forms, and is, as such, often described as a “molecular unit of currency”.

ATP is crucial to muscle function, particularly where explosive effort—think rugby, sprinting, jumping or strength training—is concerned. Unfortunately, during high-intensity exercise, ATP is depleted faster than it can be replenished.

That’s why it’s hard for most people to sustain a full-speed sprint for more than five to ten seconds.

When your car is low on petrol (or voltage, if you drive an electric vehicle), what do you do? Fill up the tank or charge the battery.

But adenosine triphosphate isn’t like regular fuel—it’s supercharged. The only ways to top up your ATP stores are to stop and rest, or consume creatine.

Even six days of creatine supplementation can dramatically increase muscle creatine levels, improving explosive speed and power—and without the drawbacks of caffeine, ephedra or other central nervous system stimulants.

More cellular energy begets more power, which allows for greater adaptation, growth, and strength. It’s part of a virtuous cycle—one which can be sustained with the correct diet and training regime—and disrupted by insufficient creatine levels.

What Else is Creatine Good For?

There’s ample evidence that creatine supplementation is of benefit for high-intensity activity.

Does that mean it’s only for hardcore athletes? Not at all. Research also indicates that consuming creatine while carb-loading can maximize glycogen levels. Glycogen is the primary fuel source utilized during endurance exercise, and increasing it may help you climb, walk, swim and ride longer.

Creatine also promotes the growth of new muscle fibers, while raising levels of insulin-like growth factor (IGF-1). IGF-1 increases lean mass and protein synthesis, improving body composition and tissue repair.

Furthermore, creatine supplementation can provide a relatively quick (albeit, superficial) boost to muscle size via cell volumization—in other words, by increasing water content.

And, by decreasing myostatin—a protein produced by muscle cells, and responsible for inhibiting myogenesis (muscle growth), creatine supplements may help you build long-lasting muscle faster.

Non-Physical Benefits of Creatine

The brain isn’t a muscle, but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t feed it like one.

In fact, the brain utilizes two primary power sources: ketones and glucose. It’s through glucose metabolism and the generation of ATP that the fuel for brain function is produced.

Research indicates that four weeks of oral supplementation with creatine monohydrate significantly increases brain levels of creatine—this shows that creatine passes the blood-brain barrier.

Higher brain creatine levels may improve cognition, as evidenced by studies showing better mental performance in sleep-deprived individuals, greater working memory in vegetarians, and enhanced verbal and spatial memory in the elderly, after regular creatine use.

Furthermore, creatine has shown promise in alleviating some symptoms of age-related cognitive decline, and neurodegenerative diseases, such as Huntington’s, Parkinson’s and amyotrophic lateral sclerosis.

These conditions are linked to dysfunctional energy metabolism, which creatine—used to produce adenosine triphosphate—helps improve.

Will taking a creatine supplement turbocharge your brain? Likely not—but if you’re run down, overwhelmed or sleep-deprived, a daily scoop of creatine monohydrate may give you the mental boost you need.

Is Creatine Safe?

Creatine has been widely studied for efficacy and safety. The International Society of Sports Nutrition considers it beneficial and extremely safe.

As with any supplement, side effects are possible, but fortunately, they are relatively mild and uncommon. Creatine, taken in large quantities (especially so-called “loading doses” of up to 20 grams per day) may cause digestive upset.

Also—though there is little evidence to suggest risk—creatine should be used cautiously by those with kidney or liver issues or hypertension.

Though creatine is found primarily in meat and fish, the supplemental form is chemically synthesized under controlled heat and pressure, resulting in pure creatine crystals—making it perfectly suitable for vegans and vegetarians.

Also, contrary to popular belief, creatine is not a hormone, steroid or banned substance.

What’s the Best Form of Creatine?

There are several forms of creatine: monohydrate, kre-alkalyn, hydrochloride, ethyl-ester and nitrate.

Each is purported to have unique benefitsd—better absorption, less water retention, smaller required doses—but there’s a good reason that the best creatine supplements use the monohydrate form. It’s inexpensive, widely available, highly bioavailable and effective.

Don’t go mad over insignificant differences; go with what works.

How to Use Creatine

Using creatine powder couldn’t be easier—stick to the manufacturer’s recommended dosage, and add creatine to water, fruit juice, or your smoothie or protein shake of choice.

Most creatine products include a handy scoop that holds exactly the right amount.

Good-quality creatine monohydrate mixes easily. You can use a spoon or a shaker cup. If you have digestive issues, try taking creatine on a full stomach.

Because plain creatine powder is virtually flavourless, it goes with anything.

Can I Take More Than Five Grams a Day?

We always advise not taking more than the recommended dose of any supplement, even one as safe as creatine.

That said, doses of up to 20 grams spread throughout the day, and taken over the course of several days to a week, are not unheard of. Such high doses help to quickly maximize muscle stores of creatine, but are, for most people, unnecessary.

If you train hard and wish to experiment with creatine loading, please work your way up to more frequent doses, and avoid upsetting your stomach.

Who is Creatine For?

Creatine, with its wide-ranging benefits and excellent safety profile, ranks alongside protein powder as a sports supplement that’s great for almost anyone. It’s a staple among bodybuilders, but regular fitness enthusiasts also use it to enhance their speed and power.

Trying to lose weight? Because of its effects on muscle mass and body composition, creatine monohydrate may indirectly function as a weight loss aid.

And vegetarians and vegans, whose creatine stores tend to be lower than those on an omnivorous diet, can easily make up for that lack by supplementing with creatine.

Maximizing the Effects of Creatine

To make the most of your creatine supplement, mix it with a non-acidic juice, or take it in conjunction with dextrose—a high-glycemic carbohydrate.

Doing so creates an insulin spike, which improves creatine uptake.

Combining creatine with waxy maize—a corn-derived starch—may provide similar benefits. Plain water is fine, too, but may not push as much creatine into your system.

Some research also suggests that taking creatine with a one-to-one ratio of carbs to proteins can increase absorption. An easy way to do this is to add creatine to a pre- or post-workout shake that contains both a quality protein powder, and a healthy amount of rapidly absorbed carbohydrates.

Creatine can be taken at any time, for the most benefit, consume it shortly before or after working out.

Anything Else to Know?

Brand reputation and quality matter. Though creatine monohydrate is a relatively simple product—there’s no concern over calories, flavour or preservatives—it’s still important to choose creatine from a reputable company that adheres to good manufacturing practices, ensuring a pure, safe product.

Wrapping it Up

We hope you’ve enjoyed our guide to the best creatine supplements. Next to whey protein, creatine is one of the most widely used sports nutrition products, favoured by professional athletes, every day gym-goers, and anyone else looking for a stimulant-free energy boost.

Try incorporating a scoop of high-quality creatine monohydrate into your daily routine, and enjoy more speed, power, and strength.

Best Whey Protein Powder to Buy in The UK

Protein is an essential macronutrient, necessary for muscle growth, maintenance and repair. You’ll find it in a variety of foods, including meat, fish, eggs, legumes, nuts, seeds and dairy products.

From the latter comes whey protein powder – arguably the best supplemental protein, favoured for its excellent amino acid profile and high bioavailability.

Looking for the best whey protein powders? We’re here to help – read on for our top choices – based on quality, taste and cost – as well as helpful buying advice!

Top 3 Whey Protein Powders

Protein is protein, right? Not exactly – the origin, manufacturing process and type all matter. There are myriad whey proteins to choose from, and you could spend days researching them – but why would you, when we’ve done all the hard work? Without further ado, we present our most recommended whey protein powders.

1. Reflex Nutrition Instant Whey Pro Protein Powder Review

From Reflex Nutrition—a leading, UK-based sports nutrition company with over 2 decades in the business—comes this premium-quality whey protein product.

Featuring nothing but whey—there’s no inferior soy in Reflex Nutrition products—this instant whey protein powder shake is brimming with essential amino acids, and offers a substantial 20 grams of protein per 25-gram scoop. That’s over 1.7 kg of pure protein per container!

It’s low in carbs, too—only one percent—making it ideal for those on a restricted carbohydrate diet. Despite being sugar-free, Reflex Nutrition’s

Instant Whey Protein Powder Shake tastes great—a wide variety of flavors, including Banana, Mint Cream, Salted Peanut Caramel, Strawberry & Raspberry, and the ever-popular chocolate—are available.

It’s free from artificial colourants, and sweetened with stevia glycosides—a completely natural, plant-derived sweetening agent with none of the potential drawbacks of aspartame and other artificial sweeteners.

Product quality and customer health are of paramount importance to Reflex Nutrition.

That’s why their instant whey protein powder is made right here in the UK, using only milk from hormone-free, antibiotic-free, grass-fed cows. Pure pasture-raised cattle—which feed on grass, never corn—have a smaller environmental footprint, and produce a favourable anti-inflammatory ratio of omega-3 to omega-6 essential fatty acids.

Though most people find whey easy to digest, Reflex Nutrition’s whey protein powder includes a DigeZyme digestive enzyme complex—alpha-amylase, neutral protease, cellulase, lactase and lipase—as well as beneficial probiotics (bifidobacterium bifidum, lactobacillus acidophilus and lactobacillus rhamnosus).

These enzymes and friendly bacteria reduce the chance of digestive issues, and help ensure every last gram of amino acids arrive at their final destination: your muscles.


  • Domestically produced by an established, trusted brand
  • Available in many flavours to suit any palate
  • Free from artificial colours and sweeteners
  • Uses only the highest-quality whey from grass-fed cows
  • Low in fat and sugar
  • Includes digestive enzymes and beneficial probiotics
  • Highly concentrated protein made primarily with whey protein isolate


  • Costlier than some brands
  • Heavily sweetened—may taste a bit strong on its own
  • Doesn’t always dissolve and mix well

2. BULK POWDERS Pure Whey Protein Powder Shake

Don’t let the looks fool you—this is a quality whey protein powder whose low cost and basic zipper pouch belie the contents therein. In other words: it’s cheap and it’s good.

How does BULK POWDERS produce what may well be the most affordable whey protein powder in the United Kingdom?

It’s simple: they work in-house, cut out the middleman, and focus on the product, not the presentation.

Providing a respectable 22 grams of protein per 30-gram serving, this bulk protein powder is as kind to your wallet as it is to your body.

Though it’s composed of slow-absorbing whey protein concentrate—rather than rapidly absorbed, protein-rich isolate—the low-sugar, high-amino formulation is still minimally calorific.

The standard vanilla flavour, while not particularly exciting, is simple enough to use alone, or in combination with almost any smoothie ingredient. Please note that other flavours are available.

Like Reflex Nutrition, BULK POWDERS uses whey from grass-fed cattle. It’s nice to see this trend being adopted even by lower-cost brands.

In addition, the powder is instantized—that is, very finely ground—for easy, clump-free mixing, no blender required.

However, this bulk whey protein is sweetened with sucralose—one of only a few significant formulation differences that are reflected in the price.

BULK POWDERS Pure Whey Protein Powder Shake makes a few compromises, but on the whole, provides outstanding value.

It’s a good choice for anyone on a budget, or new to supplementing with protein.


  • Economically priced—ideal for the budget-conscious
  • High-quality whey, derived from grass-fed cows
  • Available in a wide range of flavours
  • Instantized for easy mixing
  • Low in sugar


  • Sweetened with sucralose
  • May taste too sweet for some
  • Contains small quantities of soy and thickening agents

3. PhD Nutrition Pharma Whey HT+ Whey Protein Powder

Rounding out our list of the best whey protein powders is the hefty, 2.2 kilogram tub of Pharma Whey HT+ Whey Protein Powder from PhD Nutrition. It’s generously sized, moderately priced and loaded with muscle-boosting whey and amino acids.

A balanced blend of three types of whey—concentrate, isolate and hydrolysed isolate—provides 18 grams of protein per 25-gram serving. You’d get a bit more protein per scoop with pure isolate, but this is offset by the addition of an amino acid blend.

Valine, leucine and iso-leucine comprise branched-chain amino acids (BCAAs), which improve muscle growth, reduce muscle soreness and exercise fatigue, prevent muscle atrophy, and may protect the liver.

Added l-glutamine helps slow the loss of lean mass, while aiding in muscle protein synthesis, and an enzymatic combination of amylase, protease, cellulase, beta-d-galactosidase and lipase improve digestibility and bioavailability.

Like our other most-recommended whey protein powders, PhD Nutrition Pharma Whey HT+ is made with whey from one hundred percent grass fed cows—that means no hormones, no antibiotics, and maximum health benefits.

Whey protein powders often contain emulsifiers for a more consistent product and pleasing mouthfeel. Pharma Whey HT+ is no exception—however, only sunflower lecithin is used, eliminating all soy from the formulation.

PhD Nutrition Pharma Whey HT+ Whey Protein Powder Pros and Cons


  • Less costly than some proteins of comparable quality
  • Uses only whey from grass-fed cows
  • Free from artificial colours
  • Many flavours available
  • Enzyme blend makes it easy to digest
  • Added branched-chain amino acids for muscle-boosting benefits


  • Sweetened with sucralose
  • Occasional quality inconsistency
  • Fruit flavours may not appeal to everyone

Whey Protein Buyers Guide

Still not sure which whey protein powder is best for your needs? Check out our buying guide, and get the low-down on choosing, using and making the most of any whey powder!

Why Whey?

Whey protein powder is derived from whey (a milk byproduct), and boasts an exceptional amino acid profile. Amino acids are the building blocks that comprise protein, and can be categorized as essential or non-essential. The former cannot be synthesized by the body, and must be obtained from dietary or supplemental sources.

As compared to soy—one of the most popular and widely available types of plant protein—whey provides more branched-chain amino acids and essential amino acids per serving, falling short (and often, by a small margin) only in arginine, histidine, phenylalanine and tryptophan.

Which Whey?

Isolate, concentrate, hydrolysate—what a mouthful! It’s easy to get hung up on which type is best, and why. Let’s start with isolate. It’s found in many premium protein powders, and carries a higher price tag.

Whey protein isolate undergoes extra processing and filtration to remove fats and carbohydrates. The result is a rapidly absorbed protein that’s low in lactose.

Isolate is especially suitable for post-workout smoothies and shakes, where the lack of dairy-based fats and carbs can hasten the delivery of protein to damaged muscles.

Furthermore, whey isolate may be easier to digest for those who are lactose-sensitive.

Whey protein concentrate—despite its name—contains a bit less protein per serving than isolate, and helps keep down the cost of some whey protein formulations.

Both isolate and concentrate are derived from the same source. The key difference lies in processing, or the lack thereof: whey protein concentrate contains more fats and carbohydrates—this makes it slower to digest.

This isn’t particularly disadvantageous—some people prefer whey concentrate for this very reason. The only drawback is more lactase, which can be harder for some people to break down.

Whey protein hydrolysate is the mostly highly refined form of whey—even more so than isolate.

The process of thermal, acidic or enzymatic hydrolysis cleaves molecular bonds between amino acids, and extra filtration removes all fats and lactose. Hydrolysed protein may offer measurably superior absorption, but the difference of a few percentage points offers little practical advantage.

That said, the total absence of lactose makes whey protein hydrolysate the best choice for anyone with lactose intolerance.

Savour the Flavour

Plain, unflavoured whey powder doesn’t taste great. Most products are flavoured and sweetened for palatability—and there’s a great variety to choose from!

Taste is subjective, but vanilla is almost always a safe bet. It’s sweet, but usually neutral enough to act as a base for almost any other ingredient.

Fruit? No problem. Chocolate? Sure! Salt, cinnamon, nutmeg? Why not. When in doubt, reach for vanilla.

Chocolate goes surprisingly well with other flavours, too.

Try strawberries, banana—even orange, if you feel daring. It’s the more unusual blends—think mint-chocolate, strawberry shortcake, cookies and cream—that require careful experimentation, and may best be enjoyed on their own.

On that note, if you find your whey powder of choice too sweet—a common complaint, spanning many brands—just add a little more water, or use yoghurt and milk to help cut sweetness without reducing calories.

In the Mix

The appeal of a smoothie or shake lies in its convenience—put a few ingredients in a container, mix, and, whammo!—instant nutrition.

If you make smoothies exclusively at home, don’t worry too much about how easily a whey protein mixes—any decent blender, even the handheld sort, will make short order of any powder.

Don’t have a blender, or like to whip up a shake when you’re out and about? Look for a protein mix that’s finely ground or instantized for easy mixing.

Though some brands suggest you need nothing more than a spoon and a glass of water, it’s our experience that shaken is, indeed, better than stirred. (Here’s looking at you, James Bond.) Though a glass jar with a water-tight lid works, consider a protein shaker cup.

Many are unbreakable, with strong lids, flip-top mouthpieces, and mixing balls to break up clumps of powder. Remember: in order to make it, you gotta shake it, not break it.

A Spoonful of Sugar

Whey protein powders are almost invariably sweetened with sugar, sucralose, aspartame, xylitol, stevia, or some combination thereof. Sugar, while palatable and familiar, is best avoided. It adds empty calories, and excess consumption has been linked to a range of health problems.

Aspartame, sucralose and other artificial sweeteners provide a cost-effective, low-to-no calorie alternative.

They’re found in many products, including some of the best whey protein powders. These sweetening agents are well-tolerated by most people—but for those who find the taste objectionable or are otherwise sensitive, try protein powders sweetened with xylitol.

It’s a natural, low-calorie “sugar alcohol” (in spite of the name, it’s alcohol-free). Or, look for steva glycosides, which are plant-derived, calorie-free, and many times sweeter than sucrose.

To BCAA or Not to BCAA?

Whey protein is an excellent source of branched-chain amino acids (valine, leucine and iso-leucine), whose many muscle-boosting, strength-preserving benefits we touched on earlier.

Any quality whey protein powder will naturally provide plenty of BCAAs—but if you work out hard, or are trying to rebuild lost muscle, consider a whey protein with added branched-chain amino acids to give your muscles an extra boost.

BCAA supplements can, of course, be taken separately—but we prefer the convenience of pre-mixed.

The Price of Good Health

Whey is a concentrated nutritional supplement—it’s with good reason that a two-kilo tub costs more than the equivalent weight in ground beef.

While we don’t advise replacing whole foods and proper meals with protein powder, there’s no denying that whey provides a considerable quantity of protein per relatively small serving.

Determining your per-serving cost is easy—just look at the label, and divide the price of the container by the number of servings.

How Much Should You Take?

The officially recommended Reference Nutrient Intake (RNI) of approximately 0.75 grams per kilogram of body weight is based on the caloric needs of a relatively sedentary adult of average weight.

You may or may not fall into that category—and if you don’t, then your requirements will be different, based on diet, activity level, overall health, and fitness goals. Strength training, intense cardio and prolonged physical activity all increase your need for protein.

Furthermore, older adults require additional protein to preserve muscle mass and prevent age-related sarcopenia, which, left unchecked, negatively impacts quality of life.

Supplementing with whey helps ensure that your specific dietary needs are met. A good quality whey protein powder, taken in conjunction with a healthy, balanced diet and appropriate exercise regime, will go a long way in ensuring your present and future health.

We hope you’ve enjoyed our guide to the best whey protein powders. From concentrate to hydrolysate, from chocolate to vanilla and everything in between, there’s a whey protein for almost everyone. Find one you like, incorporate it into your daily diet, and reap the benefits. Thanks for reading!